Team Building Program

Game in Fish Market

 Noryangjin Fish market is one of the biggest fish market in Seoul area, you can see and experience the various seafood. Each team will have their own missions such as buy the specific seafood, bargaining with local seller, find the restaurant and take the picture with seafood.

No.of Participants : 10 - 20 / Duration : 2 hours

Bubble Soccer

 Wearing a large, inflated, “bubble”-like costume, players can run, kick, and bump their way on the field in a unque and thrilling game of soccer.

No.of Participants : 10 - 24 / Duration : 2 hours

Korean Cooking Class

 To create delicious Korean food together, this program is intended to facilitate team work and increase understanding.

No.of Participants : 5 - 25 / Duration : 3 hours

Learn the Art of Taekwondo

 This action-packed experience intoroduces participants to the basics of korea’s most famous martial art, which takes its origins froms of unarmed Korean combat stretching back over thousand years.

No.of Participants : 10 - 100 / Duration : 2 hours


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